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RTC is a fantastic instructor. Her passion shows in everything she puts out. Everything is explained in a very understandable way for aspiring and established developers and she knows her stuff. Great job!

Brad Traversy (Traversy Media)

Caleb Curry headshot

Her ability to give real-world guidance to developers is unmatched.

Caleb Curry

One of the best things about this course is it's short, to the point, and not dragging on and wasting your time...Five Stars All Around!


Just wanted to share that in two weeks I'm being flown out to interview with one of the top 6 tech companies [...] and your videos have helped me get there.


I'm already seeing the benefits of the curriculum and I'm only a short way through. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to heighten their profile and break into the field. Thank you, RTC


Everything I learned about freelancing I learned from your courses! 


Your knowledge and expertise have entered my life at the perfect time.


The way you approach onboarding people into web development is exemplary.


I've never written a business plan, but this course made it fun and painless. I'm very pleased with my investment so far.


I started to learn not too long ago, and I have learned a lot from you.


I gotta say the community here is fantastic.


[You're] really great at introducing topics that I can follow along with and aren't completely over my head since I'm still learning.


Got an offer for my first front end dev job! RTCs course on interviews and CV/cover letter [How to Get a Job in Web Development] helped me a lot. 


[T]he instructor is engaging, friendly, and her voice is perfect for teaching: relaxed and warm, no weird verbal tics, and very professional.


[...]After a month and a half of job searching, I've finally been given and accepted a full time offer!


I got [RTC's course] and applied some of the tips to my resume. This is the first time I ever got to the interview process.


Perfectly edited high quality videos that won't waste your time.