Welcome to RealToughCandy.io.

Our learning platform was founded in 2020 by software developer and entrepreneur “RealTough” Candy.

Known as RTC around the web, she’s been helping developers start and advance their careers since 2017. 

So what exactly does RealToughCandy.io offer?

1. We produce tech courses for you that are actionable and practical.

Check out some students who have started their own freelance business and/or landed a tech job with the help of our courses! ⚡️💻💰

2. We teach you in-demand topics and skills.

...Tutorial hell exists, but we don't believe in taking you there. 🔥⛔️

Topics range from freelance web development, to landing a job in the web development industry, to monetizing your web apps and more.

3. We offer you a robust developer community. 

New developers are able to connect with instructors, fellow students and experienced developers in the field through our 24/7 Discord community. 🎙🗣📚

Features of RealToughCandy.io:

🧐 🧮 newbie-friendly interactive video-based training courses

💾 🔥 A wide range of course topics

📸 📹 a royalty-free media library (photo/video) for student projects

📖 an active, diverse learning community

And much more.

RealToughCandy.io is here to help you level up, land a job and get a raise.