Our Story

The web is flooded with learn-to-code platforms. So why start another one?

Because RealToughCandy.io isn't for coding.

It's for learning and applying software development processes so developers can level up, land a job and get a raise.

RealToughCandy.io was founded in 2020 by software developer “RealTough” Candy. Known as RTC around the web, she’s been helping developers start and advance their careers since 2017. 

As a highly engaged instructor, RTC noticed a pattern.

While developers had access to a rich buffet of technical training materials, many weren’t :

  • getting interviewed
  • landing jobs
  • applying their dev skills outside the scope of a coding course project (because they hadn't learned the process)
  • earning income from their skills

Worse, some became so dejected that they gave up on their dream of becoming part of the booming software industry. 

Others spent endless months - and even a year or more - searching for something...anything in the sea of endless resources that would get them to the next level.

That’s when she got to work on RealToughCandy.io.

We provide instruction based on real-world scenarios. 

We teach processes, not specific implementations.

We foster a robust developer community.

RealToughCandy.io makes your skills matter.

How do we do that?  

1. By providing instruction based on real-world scenarios. 

Using practical, actionable curriculum, RealToughCandy.io is ONLY interested in the practical application of developer skills. 

2. By teaching processes, not specific implementations.

Unlike typical coding platforms, RealToughCandy.io provides students with a highly valuable problem-solving toolset rather than a code-along experience. This lets developers pivot contexts, so they can solve problems on their own. 

3. By fostering a robust developer community. 

New developers are able to connect with experienced developers in the field. 

RealToughCandy.io also helps developers overcome hurdles found in the early stages of their career.

Rather than act as yet another learn-to-code platform, we bridge the gap between new developers and the life-changing career opportunities that await them.

And while our platform caters primarily to that demographic, many aspects are appealing to mid-level and senior developers as well.

RealToughCandy.io features:

  • highly interactive video-based training courses
  • 1-on-1 portfolio coaching sessions
  • a royalty-free media library for student projects
  • an active and diverse learning community

And much more.

Whether you're completely new to the industry, are making the transition from an adjacent tech field, or want to strategically expand your current skill set, RealToughCandy.io is your home for no-nonsense software development.