LICENSING AGREEMENT (Terms & Conditions)


The RealToughCandy License allows you to use any of our Media Pack in your commercial and non-commercial projects, for free.

You’re permitted to download, copy, modify, display, publicly perform and broadcast the Media Pack. You may not distribute the Media Pack. Your rights are non-exclusive, worldwide, and ongoing. Attribution is not required, however, we would appreciate it if you credit where reasonably possible.

The Media Pack is defined as the images, video and audio contained in the course "Members-Only Royalty-Free Media Pack."

There are some important limits to these rights:

You must be a current or former Member of to use the Media Pack.

"Member" is defined someone who has purchased a monthly or yearly subscription to

The RealToughCandy User Terms, our Privacy Policy and the RealToughCandy License apply to your use of this Media Pack.

User Terms:

  1. is an online education where we make certain content available for download (Media Pack).
  2. Your use of our Media Pack is subject to our RealToughCandy License. There are a couple of important limits to your license rights: you must not use the Media Pack to build a service or product that is similar or competitive with (or try to); (b) aggregate or collate the Media Pack and make available on a stock or inventory basis; (c) use the Media Pack in the context of adult content (such as nudity, pornography or sexual services), supply of weapons or gambling services, exploitation of children, hate speech, defamatory content, misleading or deceptive conduct, or any illegal activity; or (d) sell physical or digital copies of the Media Pack.
  3. and the Media Pack are made available to you on an “as is” basis and without warranties of any kind, express or implied. To the fullest extent permitted by law, whether under contract, tort or otherwise, we exclude liability to you, including indirect loss, damage or expense.
  4. Please remember that your use of, Media Pack and the context in which the Items are used by you, are solely your responsibility. You indemnify us against all losses, costs (including legal costs) and liability that we incur in connection with a third party claim relating to your use of and the Media Pack.
  5. As we continue to develop and improve the Media Pack, we may amend these terms or even cease providing the service at any time. In addition to any other legal rights we have, we can terminate your license rights (and require that you cease all use of the Media Pack) if you breach the RealToughCandy License or User Terms.
  6. The laws of the United States govern these terms, and you submit to the jurisdiction of the courts there for the resolution of any dispute between us.
  7. By continuing to access our service you agree to be bound by these terms.

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