How This Course is Organized

Please read! This contains important information about the course.

Professional Communication for Junior Developers consists of four main scenarios.

Rather than give you a Death by Powerpoint presentation or lecture for hours, we re-created these common workplace situations that are often mishandled due to poor or ineffective communication.

To make the scenarios even more realistic in the era of COVID-19, the characters portrayed in this course work remotely and communicate through Zoom.

Each scenario is broken down into four sections:

  • Scenario Introduction
  • Scenario
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Scenario Solution

There is also a quiz with in-depth explanations of the correct answers in each section.

As you watch the scenarios, you may want to take notes. (They can come in handy when you face these exact scenarios at your own workplace.)

Finally, log on to the RealToughCandy Discord Community where you can meet fellow developers, get feedback, collaborate and more:

Beth is our Head of Student Success there, so feel free to ping her (@Beth) if you have any questions about the curriculum.

To get the most out of Professional Communication for Junior Developers, you'll want to participate in the 14 Mock Interview Questions (posted in the last segment).

Again, the Discord is an amazing resource! We have a dedicated room for this course, where you can reach out to other students to organize an interview session (one plays the interviewer, one plays the interviewee).


For every ten minutes of video, you can expect to spend between 1-2 hours (sometimes more) doing hands-on work outside the classroom.

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